Meet the Speakers

Castlebridge has assembled a diverse group of keynote speakers and panellists for our Data Leaders Summit 2024 to help drive engaged and engaging discussion of the critical strategic themes identified for this conference.

Keynote Speakers

Our Keynote speakers will set the tone for each of the strategic discussions with an opening keynote presentation. Each of our keynote speakers is a recognised expert in their field and has been invited to help trigger thought, provoke insight, and encourage discussion among the delegate Data Leaders.

John Ladley

Principal Consultant, Sonraí Solutions. Data Governance Pioneer

John Ladley is a highly experienced advisor and advocate for organizations looking for sustainable value from information and data. His experience and knowledge is balanced between treating data as an essential component of modern business and economies, and the practical solution of business problems.
John’s books are the authoritative sources for Data and Information Management and Data Governance. He is a recognized authority and speaker on enterprise information management; including data monetization, information and data architectures, data governance, MDM, data quality, BI and Analytics, data warehouse and knowledge management. John has extensive experience across many industries and is currently examining the role of the Chief Data Officer and assisting several organizations with data strategies and data governance.
John is a founder member of the Leaders’ Data Organisation, a collaborative ‘think tank’ for data professionals seeking to improve data management practices.

Sue Geuens

Director of Data Governance & Product Data, Elsevier

Sue Geuens has extensive experience as a data management consultant, strategic advisor, and implementer across a range of industry sectors from telecommunications to publishing. In addition to her experience as a consultant and practitioner, Sue has also been an active member of DAMA and has served as DAMA South Africa president, DAMA International president, and as a volunteer with DAMA UK. She is currently the Director of Data Governance and Product Data with Elsevier.

Carey Lening

Consultant, Castlebridge

Carey works with Castlebridge as a data protection and data risk consultant. She has over 20 years of progressive experience assessing risks and enabling top-tier data security and data protection for industry leaders like Facebook, Palantir and numerous Fortune 500 companies.
Her cross-functional and cross-domain knowledge makes her equally comfortable discussing the legal nuances of data protection with lawyers, hashing out technical and operational security controls with engineers and information security professionals, doing a risk audit, and providing a high-level overview to the C-Suite.
Carey earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, and her JD from the University of New Hampshire School of Law. As a former attorney, Carey focused on the legal and policy issues surrounding computer & data security and privacy law. Carey has written and lectured extensively on best practices in cybersecurity and data protection, with a particular interest on emerging threats, risk mitigation, and how to make sense of it all.

Daragh O Brien

CEO, Castlebridge

Daragh O Brien is founder and managing director of Castlebridge. Daragh is a co-author of Ethical Data and Information Management: Concepts, Tools, and Methods, published by Kogan Page, and Data Ethics (2nd Edition), published by Kogan Page in June 2023, in addition to several other books and book contributions. He lectures in UCD Sutherland School of Law and the Law Society of Ireland on Data Governance and Data Protection. He is also a member of the Innovation Value Institute in Maynooth University, having contributed to the development of the Enterprise Information Management Capability in the IT-CMF. He is also a founding member of the Strategic Advisory Board to the School of Business in Maynooth University, a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, and a Fellow of Information Privacy from the IAPP.
Daragh has served as a board member and advisor with DAMA International. He is an active member of the Leaders’ Data Organisation.


Additional panellist profiles will be added once finalised with the panellists!

Tony Mazzarella

Director, Enterprise Data Enablement & Data Governance, Voya Financial

Tony Mazzarella is a veteran data leader with extensive experience across NGO and Financial Services sectors. He is a former member of the DAMA International Board, Past-President of DAMA New England.

Professor Cathal Gurrin

School of Computing, Dublin City University

Recently recognised among the top 40 computer science researchers in Ireland, Cathal’s research experience spans text and video analytics and Artificial Intelligence. He is also Deputy Director of the Adapt Centre for Digital Content Technology

Dr Jenny Andrew

Data Leader

Jenny has extensive experience in data management in the NGO and Professional Body sectors, including trade unions and professional bodies for regulated sectors. She is also a board member of DAMA-UK .

Sorcha Heaphy

Data Protection Officer, Uisce Éireann

Sorcha oversees the Data Protection function of Uisce Éireann, including the alignment of data protection with other data management and regulatory initiatives across one of Ireland’s key utilities services.

Dr Markus Helfert

Director, Innovation Value Institute

Dr. Markus Helfert is Professor for Digital Service Innovation at Maynooth University, the Director of the Innovation Value Institute, Director of the SFI co-funded Research Programme on Data Governance – Empower, and Coordinator of the Business Informatics Group at Maynooth University.

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